This page is a list of courses I have taught or assisted for, as well as a webpage for whatever current course I am teaching.

I am currently teaching Math 3134, Applied Combinatorics at VT.

Past Courses:

At Berkeley, I have previously taught as a:

  • GSI for MATH 1A, Calculus (Fall 2017)
  • GSI for MATH 54, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Spring 2018, Spring 2023)
  • Lecturer for MATH 110, Linear Algebra (Summer 2018)
  • GSI for MATH 32, Precalculus (Fall 2020)
  • GSI for MATH W54, Web-based Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Summer 2022)

A full teaching dossier, including a statement summarizing my teaching philosophy, selected evaluations, and sample materials I have developed is available here.